Massive Parisian Freeware Will Blow You Away!

FSX/P3D. The last time I had a nice rendition of Paris was from the FranceVFR version for FS9. I never really looked into whether or not they made a version for FSX/P3D. Well not none of that matters because some awesome lad by the name of Marc-Henri Guitteny has kicked ass all over Paris in what is an amazing freeware of the entire city complete with photoreal, landmarks, and all Ponts. Above are 3 shots I took last night while enjoying the scenery. It really is impressive and blends nicely with FTX OpenLC EU. Now all we need is a proper CDG! So how about it Taxi2gate! Grab the scenery via the source link below. ADX stole this news from and no doubt other news sites will steal it from here. Performance is good. VAS impact minimal. Enjoy it!