Orbx Direct Is Nearly Upon Us And It Is GOOD!

Yesterday when Ed gave me access to the new Orbx Direct soon to be unleashed on the community, he said: "D'Andre, feel free to give a sneak peek" but I am just going to pretend I don't know what that means because I really want to talk about it. GONE will be the annoying FSS installers that take FOR.EVER to download, unwrap, and install. With Orbx Direct, basically fully functional at the moment, purchasing, downloading, and installing has never been easier. So, how does it work?

Well first you will visit the quite fancy newly created Orbx website (Opening Nov 1st) and download the fancy new FTX Central 3 and create your credentials. Next, return to the website and select a region of the world you have an interest in exploring or aircraft. In this case, let's look at Oceania: As you can see, all airports covering this region of the world are neatly laid out. Now lets pick an airport... let's go with Broome. A beautiful place to visit indeed! Let's add it to the cart: Once on the cart page we hit purchase, you will then enter your payment details (screen skipped) and once your payment has been approved, you will get a notification directly from FTX Central 3 in the taskbar that the product is now downloading. At the same time, you will get an an email with your purchase details. We then open FTX Central 3, navigate to the region of the scenery you purchased, and you will see it is not yet installed. 

Once download is complete, click the scenery, install button, and the install bars will appear. In this case the scenery took about 7 minutes to download. When it's done you will get another notification from FTX Central in the taskbar if it's not an active window. When you return to FTXC, you will now see options for the product. In this case it's the user guide, control panel, and included uninstaller. That's it! You can now enjoy your scenery in a process that took from start to finish about 10 minutes! The images below take you through the process I just described. 

Now what if we already own products not installed like after installing a new operating system or if we simply want to uninstall/reinstall existing products? That and everything else you need to know has been or will be addressed in John's statement posted yesterday [HERE] and via the source link. I highly recommend you take a look at it. For or now you get to see first hand a preview showing the ease of use coming from the new Orbx. I am sure there will be many questions. So check that source link for more info! 

NOTE: This project is still in development and may not reflect the final release.