FSDG Cape Verde Freeware Released!

FSX/P3D. With all the new projects FSDG has for us in the pipeline, it's always nice to see payware developers taking time to give a little something for free and in the case of the just released Cape Verde freeware, it is anything but little. This free scenery includes two of the ten main islands, Fogo and Brava, both featuring airports, custom autogen, aerial imagery, mesh, and a lot more. Features include fully accurate rendition of the Cape Verde islands of Fogo and Brava, high resolution aerial imagery, realistic shadow and night light rendition on 3D objects and ground, 3D light effects, compatible with all known add-ons including FTX Global, UTX ,and FS Global. Thanks to Jordan King for the tipoff. Well what are you waiting for? Go get it!