Let's Check In With MilViz:

Hi all, News update:
1) As you may have noticed, we've begun the graphics work on the C-130J systems. Next up will be the actual coding for those systems (MFD/PFD)
2) The KA's... due to the fact that our main FMS coder (Collin B of TFDI) is busy on the 717, we've had to, very sadly, delay the release of them to next year, Q1 (we hope). Apologies. (again). That said, the MFD and PFD coding is nearly done! Engine, hydraulic, electrical and pressurization systems are nearly done as well. We're going as fast as we can. (still 3 people on this project full time)
3) The T-38C is well underway and looking pretty nice!
4) The Beaver is set for this year... we hope. Rob Young has sent us the FDE for the standard version and we hope to have that in testing shortly.
5) the Moo is in coding and moving ahead.
6) the F-16C modeling is done and we're working on paint and screen graphics. Code will begin once the T-38C is out.
7) The SR-71A coding will begin once the Huey is out.
8) The Huey is coming out, with any luck at all, this month but likely next.
9) The Bobcat is nearly done. Release this month... maybe not... but next? Probably.
10) The F-105D modeling is done. Painting is next. We're trying to convince Odorboy to do this as well! (FYI, he did the F-100D!)
11) We are looking at our options for doing a Starship 2000...
12) Our next chopper... Not sure if it will be the AW-109 or the 407GX... We will see.
13) There is no 13.
14) the F-4S Tacpack is still being coded but we are having issues finding out exactly how the gunsight panel works. If anyone has info on this, please contact us! Freebies for the one(s) who find the missing info! (that would be info on exactly what ALL of the gunsight panel knobs/switches/dials do on a S F-4).
16) The F-4E ADV is heading into beta testing in the next week or so and we hope to have a release shortly after that. This will be initially available only to our direct customers and you will have to own the F-4E. It's preferable that you also own Tacpack but not 100% necessary. The F-4S ADV will be done shortly after though, timing wise, we'll probably delay a release until the Tacpack version is ready.
17) the Avanti is in final paint and coding will be done in conjunction with the KA's
18) the Lear 60XR paint is nearly done. We shall decide what to do on that later.
19) the F-4 updates to P3D 3.4 are coming this week.
20) F-15C is in code
Did I miss anything? Not sure...
Thanks for you attention and please, do remember that any type of bashing will result in an immediate ban.
As well, none of the above is a promise to deliver at a specific date/time.
Colin Pearson