Synthetic Vision Platform Coming To P3D?

P3D. A Handful of independent developers have been working on a new simulation software intergration that resembles the Honeywell SmartView™ Synthetic Vision System (SVS) platform that is currently used in the Pilatus P-12. According to the team, 100 GB of SRTM and DEM data were processed including terrain mesh for the entire planet created with 25K airport altitude and height data inculded in a color APEXesque map.

Their efforts thus far have resulted in more than 16 million map and terrain tiles that were compressed into single "file system" and uploaded online. According to the team, the airport runways are rendered on the fly from a local data file auto-generated from Peter Dowson's MakeRunway tool. The performance impact is 3-5 FPS loss with quality vs performance options in configurable settings. When SVS is idle, there is no impact at all. The team will be implimenting the system into the Pilatus P-24 by IRIS simulations but I hope they will consider open aircraft integration as with Flight1's GTN systems. More info via source link thanks to Todd for the tipoff.