FlightScene Tahiti & Society Islands Released!

FSX/P3D. Well hey, it had to come from someone sooner or later right? After all, the Tahiti X2 project from the lad developing for Aerosoft has only been in development since what? 2012? Based on what I have seen thus far, the work looks really good although the photoreal could be a lot better in many areas based on the provided screenshots. But hey, I think i'll take it! Included are the following 14 islands and 9 airports are included in the scenery:

  • Tupai - TPX Tupai
  • Tetiaroa - NTTE Tetiaroa
  • Tahaa
  • Maiao
  • Mehetia
  • Manuae
  • Motu One
  • Tahiti - NTAA Tahiti Faaa
  • Moorea - NTTM Moorea Temae
  • Bora Bora - NTTB Motu Mute
  • Raiatea - NTTR Uturoa, NNAO Motu Nao Nao
  • Huahine - NTTH Huahine Fare
  • Maupiti - NTTP Maupiti
  • Maupihaa

If you have previously purchased the standalone Flightscene Tahiti Faaa scenery you are eligible for a 7.50 EURO discount.  In such case, please send an email with your Tahiti Faaa serial number to request a coupon code  to  prior to purchase. No discount will be granted for already existing orders. Thanks to ADX reader Mikael Cedergren for the tipoff.