RealitySim Seattle Released.

FSX/P3D. From the guys who brought you Atlanta. This isn't your same old, flat, lifeless, photo-realistic scenery enhancement.......This is the ultimate realism package for the city of Seattle, Washington and the surrounding area. What makes this different? We have used ultra-high resolution (1m/px) recent (2013) satellite images to provide the base textures. On top of the textures we have placed thousands of buildings and trees, correct to size and type. This provides a completely redefined flying experience, providing realistic scenery at any altitude. The heart of this package is the replicated 3D city of Seattle. Many frame rate friendly replicated buildings have been re-positioned on top of their true location, providing an ultra-realistic replica of the city. NEW to Reality Sim Scenery products, Reality Seattle has seasonal (summer and winter) textures, as well as an ultra-realistic 3D night lighting system! No more flat satellite textures, no more "generic" city center. This is the real thing! Now available!