NDSoft Constantine X: Rejected.

FSX/P3D. If you are looking to head over to Algeria from some of your European sorties, NDSoft Scenery has you covered. They have just released a very decent freeware rendition of Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport near the city of Constantine. There is some real talent and promise here and I will be keeping an eye on them in the future. The preview screenshots were too over edited and lacked terminal closeups imagery so I uploaded some shots of my own which should give you an idea. Download comes with full installer and scenery config tool. Enjoy your gift!

ADX Update: I have been contacted by a very well known developer who has claimed this scenery uses stolen materials from their work of a certain "Down Under" airport . This scenery makes the ADX Rejected list. All Links Removed. 

Note from George Grimshaw of FlyTampa: "NDSoft's Constantine scenery steals from Flytampa Sydney's ground surface textures, grass, taxiway/runway markings, vehicle textures, puddles, dirt, vegetation, skidmarks, lights, reflection/fresnel maps & even some of the manual documentation is copy pasted. The developers name is Nini Dhia Eddine. I'm seriously considering a name & shame on our Forum & Facebook page since he's deleted my post."

George - Flytampa

ADX Update: Looks like the are hiding their Facebook page...