January Is A Terrific Indication For FS In 2016!

If you look at the calendar on the sidebar to the right of the page, you will see only 1 day in January was void of news. Several projects were released this month with several more announced. This is a great early indication for the year ahead and for the hobby in general. I will be getting to work on updating the ADX Billboard page soon but the format will revert back to it's original state. I will no longer predict release dates. Instead, I will simply list all the past announced projects and strike them off the list as they are released. Bear with me as I get that page in check. As a reminder, many other websites that aspire to be AirDailyX (they are trying hard) are run by groups of people but here, it's just me. Well... me and the several good lads who assist with keeping me on top of things with all the daily emails! Thanks guys! A quick shout-out to the guys at Flusinews and VAviation for all their hard work serving our community as well. I'll see you all in February as we kick off another month! Long live flight simulation!