FranceVFR Paris Ile de France VFR Released!

FSX/P3D. After all these years, the folks behind FranceVFR continue to assume only members of the French speaking community patronize their products. Why else is their site only in French forcing the rest of us to rely on crappy translators to figure out what they are conveying? Okay here goes Google's best effort. Ready? Here: 

Photorealistic scene of the Ile de France region in high definition textures of 0.5 meters / pixel, mesh 4.75 meters high definition, 3D and full autogen coverage, many objects and VFR landmarks (lighthouses, bridges, harbors, anchorages, wind turbines, towers, monuments ...), extremely detailed port areas. Products' Regional VFR "enjoy all the contributions of 3DAutomationĀ® technology developed by France VFR. This technology allows ?? 'implement the most dense and realistic environments ever designed for FSX. It does not claim to accurately represent reality, but to give the most realistic interpretation possible for very large scale. It may eventually evolve ?? s adapt to the needs and new data available. Modeled on the seabed entire.

Anyhoo, now available via the source link below. I'll still buy it anyway. But I won't smile about it. :)