RealAir Legacy v2 Released! Well Blow Me Down!


FSX/P3D. I'll admit, this release came a lot later than I initially expected it would and yet, I am completely thrown off guard! RealAir is one of the most prolific aircraft developers out there and without a doubt, sit among the very best. I have always been in love with the first version of the Legacy. In fact, the hardest part of flying it was actually slowing it down! So if that wasn't enough, the team went on ahead and made it even faster with a now optional turbocharged model that is not only much faster, it takes you to even higher elevations! And speaking of those high elevations, v2 will also come with a complex oxygen and hypoxia simulation! I can't wait to test that out! Patty Cake anyone? 

Additionally, the model will come with new features such as full VC integration for the Flight1 GTN 750 and GTN 650 and yes, it does look badass on that panel. The Legacy's cockpit features many updates and improvements such as dimmable cockpit lighting. A brand new Config Panel allows you to position every radio to your exact liking. New custom atmospheric sounds which respond to movements such as as aircraft yaw, roll, pitch, and more, have been improved so they now respond more smoothly and sound even better than before.

In addition to the many new features, the team has spent months fine tuning every detail of the Legacy. They say they believe it to be the most polished release they have ever created and I believe it! The Legacy V2 is available for download right now. If you have previously bought a copy of the RealAir Legacy, you can buy the Legacy V2 at a reduced upgrade price. Please visit the Legacy V2 pages for more information, and to download now! Thanks to several readers for the tip this morning while I continue to recover. I wonder what RealAir will release next?