ADX Exclusive: NSS Verona Villafranca!

FSX/P3D. And soon brand new for 2016 is the second release from new coming developers New Scenery Studio. The last or first release, Pisa X, (I admit I didn't go after it) left me feeling a little on the fence quality wise based on the preview imagery [see here]. The developers reached out to me over the weekend with some images from their upcoming release Verona Villafranca and this time, I must say, I am impressed! A lot of attention to detail and effort went into this work and it's very evident. Asside from the transparent trees, I can already see this is a development team with serious potential. I wasn't much interested in the quality of the Pisa release but now, they really have my attention. Have a look for yourself and another airport check for Italy! Well done here NSS! To learn more about this team, visit the source link below.