Aeroplane Heaven Dove & Devon Released!

FSX/P3D. Just Flight's new DH.104 Dove and Devon collection for FSX and P3D is now released and includes five variants, with analogue and modern digital avionics options: Dove Mk.2, Dove Mk.5/6, Dove Mk.8, Devon C20, and Devon C20 RNZAF. There are two versions of the avionics in the included Dove Mk.6 - a conventional analogue set and a modern digital avionics suite for comms and navigation use, including a handy flight monitoring computer. Digital avionics default in the Dove Mk.8. The three virtual cockpits feature either a full set of period instruments, analogue avionics or a mix of period instruments and modern avionics, depending on the model that you are flying. I'll be getting mine. Get yours now!