What's That?? Wilco Falcon 7X Previews Are Back!

FSX/P3D.  And they look whack! I'm kidding!!! Yep! The project everyone has been waiting to hear about is back and with a rather extensive set of previews! It's no wonder the team has been so quiet over the last several months (aside from our exclusives) From what I can see, the team is working hard on the aircraft systems as the images depict but not much if anything is being said right now. Back on the 6th of January, Wilco's managing director had the following to say about the project: 

"Hi Folks, few notes about the Falcon 7X release date : As you know, we have a close partnership with Dassault Aviation to bring the Falcon 7X on the Flight Simulator/Prepar3D market. We’ve been lucky to welcome Falcon 7X pilots as advisers and testers. We can say that we’ve pushed the specifications beyond our initial expectations. The result is simply amazing and our Falcon 7X is a wonderful aircraft to fly in the virtual skies. Working with an aircraft manufacturer requires to go through different steps. Wilco Publishing is a small company and can move very quickly. A large and important company such as Dassault Aviation cannot and we need to accept that. Needless to say that we are doing our best to release it as soon as possible. However, we cannot give you a firm release date yet as those steps are out of our control."

Fred Goldman
Managing Director
Wilco Publishing

All that said, I am really curious about Dassault's opinions on the visuals? At the end of the day, if the systems are able to deliver 100% functionality in comparison to the real world counterpart,  it should be enough to make them happy. But the question is: is it enough to make you happy? More information via the source link below.