Misha's L70 Agua Dulce Airport for SCA! Wow!

FSX/P3D. Orbx Motzart developer Misha Cajic is back with another digital masterpiece and this time, it's completely different from anything he has done in the past! After numerous OZx freewares, MCA Designs North American Airstrips, Vernonia, Sekiu, Lake Tahoe, and Sonoma County, comes an airport that perfectly reflects the atmosphere of my home region, Southern California! Nearly everyone knows by now how crazy I am about airfields like Twentynine Palms and Sekiu and in this case, the perfect location was chosen in So Cali that blends both and everything we love about small strips while offering a very unique feel unlike anything we we currently have.

Many people may not much care for small strips and in the case of Agua Dulce, the strip in itself is simply the centerpiece. Enjoy a very beautiful landscape with well over 200 square kilometers with to explore. Misha never fails to impress me and with each effort he takes on, he only get's better. But his greatest work is yet to come and if you want to see it firsthand, you will need to come to FlightSimCon 2016. But for now, just look at these jaw dropping images. Holy shit that just looks GOOD!! More via the source link below and note to Misha and Jordan, yes I am freaking surprised!