Tobii EyeX Controller: Could This Replace TrackIR?

[Hardware] I was incredibly skeptical when TrackIR first came out. So much so, I didn't bother for years until 2011. But once I had it, I absolutely HATED myself for not trying it sooner. Today, I never fly without it. EVER! But let's face it, great and terrific as TrackIR is, it's really a piece of junk. Poor quality plastic parts that don't last more than a week before requiring duct tape, crazy glue, concrete, cement, paint, and spackle to hold it together. 

Additionally, for folks like me, resulted in wearing freakish contraptions on my head or is forced to wear headphones or a hat which is not cool during summer. Pun intended. When XBox released the Kinect, I thought that would be the PERFECT replacement for TrackIR. No breakable junk to wear on my head and still get all the head tracking I need. Well these Tobii lads have created something similar except, it doesn't track your head, it tracks your eyes instead. This seems just as ludicrus to me as at TrackIR did all those years ago which is why I MUST try it. Now the website says compatible with MSFS FSX: Steam Edition but no word on P3D or boxed. Looks like I will be the guinea pig on this one for you all. I will report an update and review so long as it works with P3D. The price? $164.00 USD includes shipping. Thanks to ZK for the tipoff.