Orbx: Another Boost For FlightSimCon 2016!

[Events] Many of you are onboard and many of you still on the fence. For those going, I am so happy that i'll see you there in June! But for those still not sure, consider this: This is the perfect opportunity to meet and hand out with hundreds of people equally passionate about this amazing hobby of ours. But even better yet, you will get the opportunity to meet the people behind some of your favorite addons and that alone among everything else that will be offered at this years convention will be worth the trip. 

With each post I write, I always say something to the effect of "more information to come" and thats what this is! Now I have mentioned that Orbx would be involved in this year's con, but I did did not disclose to what effect. Now that all plans are finalized, here is what you Orbx fans can look forward. Along with CEO John Venema, Orbx masterminds Misha Cajic, Ben McClintock, and the incredible Holger Sandmann!! I nervous already! More Orbx devs may attend as well (calling out Mr. Goff) 

The Orbx team will be showing of all their Orbx FTX products running on two killer PC's generously provided by none other than Jetline Systems!  One system will have a 4K UltraHD display, and the other an Oculus Rift CV1 Virtual Reality headset. On show will be Orbx products plus sneak previews of new products not yet announced or in beta.

This event is getting BIG and is already slated to be the biggest convention of it's kind in the history of the Americas! Many of you have already registered. For the rest of you, wait no further! 

Update: Alex Goff is going too! It's going to be a party in Hartford!! 

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