Gianni Announces Innsbruck Update! But It Might Already Be Too Late...

FSX/P3D. March 2010. This was the day Gianni and his team finally released the amazing Tyrolean town of Innsbruck complete with it's world renowned airport, LOWI. On the day of release, it was instantly my #1 destination. Fast forward nearly 6 years and not so much as one update has surfaced after the FSX portover of the FS9 native scenery. This has disappointed myself and many P3D users who love this scenery immensely. Well, finally Gianni has announced an update to the scenery for P3D stating it will have better objects optimization and more accurate ground textures.

Great news! But here is why this effort may be too late.

As this project is nearly 6 years old, another developer has stepped in to deliver a completely new LOWI for 2016. And this is not just any developer. This is one of the top developers under one of the most well known development company names in the industry. I am talking about one of the top 3! Now I can't say who the developer is at this point but he has a strong reputation for delivering his projects in a very timely manner while never compromising on quality.

Now as I have known about his development on this project for several months now already, he may or may not wake up and choke on his cereal when he reads this article. The point of this? As I am extremely passionate about this destination, and because of who is doing it, I'm totally waiting for his brand spankin new 2016 version of LOWI to drop in a few months. As always, when the first previews arrive we'll have them. Till then, the Gianni update will surely hold us over provided it's free and arrives in time. Stay tuned!