FSCubed: It Does What They Say It Does!

FSX/P3D. Maybe it's that time of year again or perhaps some nonsense is forcing you to have to reinstall your simulator or OS... something that happened to me over the weekend. Wouldn't it be cool if you did not have to reinstall all of your scenery from scratch? Like you could press a magical button and your entire scenery library just reappeared? Well Sim Design Group also known as SDG for short (those guys behind the Cairo scenery) claim to have created a program that does just that. And if it really does what they say it does, then I need this in my life and so do you. Espically for those of us jumping from P3D to P3D and FSX to P3D and visa versa. They even claim this works after a complete system reinstall. Enough from me on this, check it out for yourself.