ADX Introducing JustSim: An All New Dev Team!

FSX/P3D/XPL. I just love introducing new developers and if it's one thing I can truly say about Russian flight simulation developers it would be this: "Mighty Talented." And that applies to both aircraft the scenery development over the years. When Digital Design released Yekaterinburg Koltsovo a few years back via Aerosoft, I was so blown away by the quality I began to go on a mad hunt for more Russian sceneries. You see, Koltsovo is pretty darn isolated and a quick search on the Russian Avsim websites I found dozens of super high quality freeware sceneries I continue to enjoy. Since then, Digital Design has delivered St. Petersburg another scenery that has blown me away along with M-Design's Moscow Domodedovo.

Now we have another talented Russian development team in our midst and unlike the other two aforementioned developers, JustSim is focusing on airports both in and out of Russia. The first 2 projects due for release next month is Catania airport on the Italian island of Sicily and Strigino International airport in the Volga Region of Russia. The title shot shows Catania Italy and the shots in the gallery shows the Strigino project. Please join me in welcoming this new development team and stay tuned for more information to come!