FlightBeam KSFO Updated To 1.0.2!

There's a new installer released which contains many fixes and improvements: 

- Several jetways have new extensions to avoid over-extension while attempting to attach to aircraft
- A variety of AFCAD improvements and fixes
- New UA logo on large jetways found in terminal 3
- Grounded a floating utility truck in terminal 3
- Fixed Runway 1R and 1L threshold area from grass to asphalt as seen in real airport.
- Fixed gate numbers at terminal 2 which contained the boarding area code instead of just the number

- New 3d "San Francisco" logo found in front of Terminal 2 (replaced 2d texture logo)
- New blue light illuminating back of new ATC tower, as seen in real airport
- New red beacons found on towers and other areas (illuminates at night)

- Additional download: Optional exclusion of surrounding large airports.