Aerosoft Returns To Zurich!

FSX/P3D. For me it all started with my very first trip to Zurich the same year Swiss took deliveries of the first brand spankin new A340-300's. When I returned home 2 weeks later I quickly went on the prowl for a LSZH scenery and found it! It was from FlyLogic and I loved it! Spent many great years enjoying it in FS9. Till I got tired of it and started looking for a newer version which actually included the E Dock. 

A quick Google search brought up a new outfit called FSDT who oddly enough had just released their version 2 weeks prior to my random search. Boy was I in love! Aerosoft released their own version of Zurich a couple years back but it simply failed to win me over. My FSDT version is showing it's age and the updated B Dock FSDT did was pretty half assed with no real windows. So Aerosoft is back once again and this time, they really have my interest! The development team behind it is PadLabs. Honestly, it's looking pretty good so far. I few blurred textures here and there. So  will the FSDT version finally be beaten? Or will they strike back? Your thoughts?