FlyTampa Hints At Future Destination!

FSX/P3D. After the incredible releases of CPH, YYZ, and SYD including major updates to VIE and St. Maarten, FlyTampa has been on a total rampage! We know AMS is in development (one of my all time favorite airports) but besides that, FlyTampa's Martin still operates in secrecy. Could he be be working on another Dubai sized scenery? Well... minus the blinking dot's on the map that drive people crazy, there is yet to be any new dots to appear. As for what else the future holds, we just got a sneak peek! Any ideas?? George is asking anyone who recognizes this place and is aboe to assist with photographic reference. Especially the new United Airlines Terminal, please contact if you think you can help. Can you help?? 

It's already very obvious to me what this airport is. Dead giveaway. The guys from a certain Virtual ATC group should be very pleased!