Carenado C90 GTX Inbound!

FSX/P3D. I have been secretly, quietly, patiently hoping Carenado would one day release the GTX version of the Beechcraft C90. When Carenado released the Caravan EX I was renewed with hope this would happen. The C90 is my favorite twin from Carenado and having the much more advanced, higher performance rated variation surely is a must for any fan of this aircraft. As for why it looks like it's almost done? I imagine they used the existing model, slapped on the winglets, redo the interior, pop in those large MFD/PFD's, code up the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21, tweak the FDE, some new liveries, and whammo! Instant C90 GTX! Now as happy as I am to report on this, I wonder how the F406, CJ2, and AC500S is coming along. Last I checked, they were looking for real world Aero Commander 500S pilots. Did anyone answer the call? Thanks to ADX readers Wesker Oz and Zachary Kerr for the tipoff!