Wilco's Falcon 7X. What's The Deal?


FSX/P3D. Well over a year overdue, this project has been met with much skepticism from many for 2 reasons: 1. Wilco has something of a reputation for releasing products that fail to meet expectation and 2. This project in particular at least on a visual scale appears to be falling far short of what is expected from "high end" aircraft. Add 1 & 2 together and many are wondering why Wilco was approached by Dissault to develop this project in the first place (as we were let to believe any way). As for why Wilco, as opposed to PMDG, Majestic, QualityWings, Aerosoft... Who knows. But a via tracking their Facebook page over the last year or so shows a lot of skepticism and deleted posts. Here is what Wilco had to say earlier today:

"Hi Everyone, Few notes about our Falcon 7X development. While we were Beta Testing the aircraft few weeks ago, we have decided to improve it with the help, among others, of active 7X pilots. This will stretch the release date but on a positive side, it will improve the realism and the fidelity of the simulation. Please be sure to LIKE this page so we can provide you the latest news and pictures. Thank you."

In other words, they are not saying or showing much at all at this stage. But whatever they are doing to "improve" it, I hope it's far more than what we have seen thus far... This is a stellar aircraft and it deserves a highly capable team behind it. I look forward to the final results. If it turns out to be as good as we hope... well... i'll eat my hat.