Big Announcement On Behalf Of REX Simulations.

To make it easier for our customers, we have merged the following websites with the new one: 





In addition, we have included information about our new upcoming products within the "In Development" area of our products section. Upcoming products include: 

• WX Advantage Radar 

• Environment Architect 

• Weather Direct 

• REX SimAir 

• REX Soft Clouds: FS9 Edition 

About REX Simulations

REX Simulations is an award-winning leader in environment simulation add-ons with connections to consumers, businesses and institutions worldwide. The company's offering span global services and home computing. More information can be found online at 

About REX Game Studios

REX Game Studios is a premier game development firm designed to create more than just games, but an experience. More information can be found online at 

For more information please contact: 

Tim Fuchs - REX Simulations