AeroFly FS: Serious Potential!

AFS. It's by no means new but it's very much new to me... finally... AeroFly FS is something I have been enjoying on my iPhone for the past few months to feed my sim needs when I am away from home. I never took the plunge on the older PC version as those needs were already met by FS9 at the time, then P3Dv1 and now P3Dv2. But after discovering AeroFly FS after the recent announcement of a new desktop platform, I must be totally honest when I say I really, really like this platform and it has so much potential. It doesn't have clickable VC's, autogen, night textures, rain, seasonal variations as well as many other FS features we are used to but the UI is freaking spot on as well as the flight dynamics. After fooling with this, I am really curious to see what the team will bring in the new version.

What really needs to happen in the next version is a full SDK so REX can get in there and kick some ass as well as some of our other fave third party developers like Orbx, Alabeo and the like. I took some screens in case you have never heard of this. It's really worth a shot! I have also finally entered the world of DCS so both of these platforms will be officially covered by ADX moving forward. Livestream soon!