BlackBox Showing Off Their A321.

FSX/P3D. They have a very interesting tagline there that if you read it carefully says: "When All Else Fails" I guess that is meant to mean that they admit they should be your last option? What does that mean?? Remember the pilot fecal I mean facial reflections? Well the team put a switch on the PFD/ND panel that reads "MFD Reflections" that... well... just hit the source link. Besides that, I just can't stop staring at the nose... hmmm the nose. Something about that nose. 

From the BlackBox webside they state: "BlackBox Quality and attention to detail will be second to none, with every system modelled to the fullest possible levels. The smallest of items will be given our full attention and you wont find a switch, knob or button that doesn't do something." But someone asked about that switch: "Wasn't there something else [there] before? Even if it is a great idea." The team replied: "yes an Unused switch." 

Trivia! Did you know the entire BlackBox Airbus narrow body series bundle is only aboout $2 bucks cheaper than the Aerosoft Airbus narrow body series bundle