Aerofly Into The Big Leagues: Update!

AFS. Now before I start this article, I first need to differ you to a previous article I wrote which leads us to this date [CLICK ME] Nearly 2 years later, finally Aerofly has provided the update we have been waiting for! A proper full fledged PC flight simulation platform has started production and will begin with coverage with California and Nevada in the US. it seems this European team knows exactly where the popular places to fly are! As I understand it, this is just the beginning. The region will expand in due course. I have been enjoying Aerofly2 on my iPhone (stream soon) and must say, the graphics are stellar on my iPhone6 so I can't possibly imagine how good a full fledged sim on my Jetline PC will look. Not too much info as yet but you can see that very lovely F-15 on the ramp in Vegas. ADX will be following things very closely now. Thanks for Jordan King for the tipoff!