FlightBeam KSFO: Our Final Exclusive!

FSX/P3D. I have been spending some quality with FlightBeam's KSFOv2 HD and I must say, this is officially in my eyes, this just might be the most beautiful mega airport ever rendered in flight simulator. FlyTampa has had 2 heavy hitters this year with Toronto and Sydney both in my top five of all time faves including Taxi2Gate with that incredible Seattle. But with SFO, there is just something that stands out like no other and from every angle I view it from, it's a sight to behold. Below is our final set of exclusives taken by me this afternoon. Stay tuned for the live broadcast as Amir, the legend mastermind himself joins us live as we tour SFO. Stay tuned for details. Now the final question: 

When will it be released?  Tuesday, September 15 at 1900z!

When is the live interview/preview? Tomorrow! Monday, September 14th at 2200z! 

Be sure to tune in live tomorrow and join us! http://www.twitch.tv/adxlive/