JustFlight F-Lite 787 Kite.

FSX/P3D. As originally reported here on these pages back in September of 2014, JustFlight is developing an F-Lite 787 to the easy to fly lineup. No word yet on release time frame. This baby is no QualityWings but I don't know... Maybe it will hold you over till the QW787 finally get's here... maybe this year... Corey? Lars? Yeah? This year boys? Yeah? Allrightythen.... Not sure how the JustFlight 787 might compare to the AeroSim version but I suppose it would be interesting to find out. The external model seems inferior to the freeware TDS model but this is a work in progress after all. We will play with them and be marry till QualityWings releases later this year... this year right? Guys? Is this mic on...?