Orbx: The Return To Meigs!

[FSX:SE] Sure, you remember Migs right? Just as legendary as Kai Tak and just as gone as Kai Tak. I remember the days... the days of the earlier versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Long before Friday Harbor and Seattle were the default starting points in FS, it was Meigs. The skyscrapers of Chicago looming in the background. It was truly a one of a kind airport. Well, just like Kai Tak, the dead is rising from the grave to thrive in the world of FS! This marks 1 of 2 airports days away from release debuting exclusively from Orbx for the Steam edition of FSX. It's sure to follow in FSX boxed and P3D some time later down the line. Ready to return to Meigs? See the first shots via the source link below! And before you ask, it's the work of Alex Goff & Tim Harris!