MJC Q400 & Windows 10!

FSX/P3D. Note from Majestic: This past week Microsoft has their latest platform WINDOWS 10. Many have upgraded and or completed a new install for their normal and or gaming rigs. Back in our Labs we elected to wait until its release before attempting to perform any testing. Our tests proved to successful however, there have been several users who are experiencing some minor abnormalities which we or our Beta testers (but one) were able to replicate. 

READ CAREFULLY!!  So after some tinkering, We are happy to announce that it is now possible to fly your favorite add-on under Windows 10. The 1.016 version patch can be found in the USER AREA under SUPPORT on our website. As an additional surprise, this new version also adds FPL WINDS functionality to the FMS, allowing entry and prediction of the en-route winds. The wind data is then use to calculate the en-route time, fuel and so on. If you experience any further issues please use the Majestic Software forums to report them. The Majestic Software Team -Simeon.