Aerosoft Aspen Update!


FSX/P3D. With all the hype around the Orbx Eagle Vail masterpiece released a couple days ago, a few folks have taken to the Aerosoft forums in an effort to find out what the progress is with Aspen. Many of you may recall this project was announced 2 years ago whereas Vail (equal or larger in size) has been development since earlier this year after the release of Sedona. Are we there yet, Are we there yet, Are we there yet??? People are wondering what's up with Aspen. The developer has posted 3 shots to sooth the concerns of the community members waiting for this airport project and admittedly I am one of them. Here's to hoping it won't be another 2 years... See the shots via the source link below. Think I am going to watch Dumb&Dumber now. Love that movie. The sequel though... not... not good... dammit Jim.