A Full Guide to All 25,000 FSX Airports!

FSX/P3D. Oh my dear God! Sadly I don't have a name so I can't really give proper credit here but an Orbx forum member known only as VPMC (Vicent Coldrick?) has done the unthinkable!He has compiled a huge KMZ file of every airport represented in FSX. They are organized in folders by REGION/STATE within COUNTRY within CONTINENT. All have fully annotated GE placard data with links to relevant websites, both Aviation and General Knowledge. I did a few tests in Google Earth and I must say it's legit! My shots above show my zoom in on JFK airport in New York. This is really awesome and you must see it for yourself! Thanks to ADX reader Ken Terry for the tipoff. More information and KMZ file downloads via the source link below. Let us know what you think.