CieloSim Palo Alto Released!

FSX/P3D. CieloSim has just released their first product after a couple years of no releases. I always love to see new development teams emerge but whate also a great thing is when developers return to the spotlight after long periods of silence. Not that CieloSim has been completely silent though. Their repaint service has remained active and the guys have done a few paints for me quite a while back. But today marks their first scenery release Palo Alto with full HD textures, aerial imagery, accurately placed custom autogen, static aircraft, 3D grass, animated birds, and custom water-mask of the San Francisco Bay coastline, with no performance impact. I have yet to get my hands on it but based on the screens, work looks very good leaving the question, where will they strike next? Grab Palo Alto now via the source link below!