ADX Exclusive: I.D.S. Lynden Pindling!

FSX/P3D. I.D.S. That's abbreviated for Innovative Development Studios. Who are they? Just a group of fine gentlemen that I have been reporting for months, and months. Almost a year now believe it or not. And in that time, they have announced several projects from the TB20, to Sacramento to Manchester. One common comment I tend to see a lot of with each post is: "When are these guys going to finally release something?" The wait for I.D.S.' first project, Lynden Pindling International Airport in the Bahamas, is now down to just a couple weeks assuming the current beta goes well.

I have been scrubbing every inch of the scenery including some shuttle work to and from Miami and the Caribbean Islands and I really must say, these guys are knocking the first release right out of the park. It has all the features I usually whine about and I know you lads will not be disappointed. I snapped some shots during my tests and sorties and have them all here to share. Sit tight, the first I.D.S. release is just around the corner! 

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