Aerosoft CRJ Development Finally Complete.

FSX/P3D. Or is it? Statement posted yesterday by Mathijs Kok: "Let me also drop some news (probably will bite me in the ass, but what the heck, it's Friday 20:26 and I had two glasses of very good red wine). Next week we are aiming for the last beta. That means the development is closed for new things and we only go for fixes and tweaks. Still not willing to name a date but it does mean we are getting closer." So by my calculations, if next week is the "LAST BETA" then there is only another 8-10 months till release! All joking aside, this is either going to be one of the the greatest successes or disappointments in the history of the hobby. I'm allowing my self to feel optimistic about Mathijs' statement and let's indeed hope it doesn't bite him in the ass. Thanks to ADX reader AJ Pongress for the tipoff.