FSoftware Salzburg Released.

FSX/P3D. Anyone remember's Gianni's Design Team? These guys were what i'd call a leading freeware (donation ware) development team of time long past. Klagenfurt and Salzburg respectively were two really high quality freewares of the time where no other developer aside from FlyTampa has shown any interest. Gianni filled the gap quite nicely and went on to develop their largest project ever: Innsbruck. Innsbruck was one of my top 5 airports for a few years in FS9, but sadly, it began to show it's age. After all, it was released in 2010 and a P3D compatible version still has yet to be released.

in 2011 the team announced a new payware version of Salzburg then things went silent for a very long time till about a couple months ago. All the while, FSoftware began developing a version of their own. Now looking at the screenshots, it's really difficult for me to determine the quality and the ground textures appear freeware quality at best. But then again, it's hard to tell judging by these shots. But hey, at least there is finally a new version of this airport! About $17 bucks and it's yours. Thanks to ADX reader Gerben Lei for the tipoff.