What Is Going On At Airline2Sim?

FSX/P3D. I keep getting inundated with emails from folks wondering why it's taking so long to get the next training program. Some were even wondering if A2S was still around! Woah! In a convo with ben a few days ago, he gave me a quick rundown on the what's up: 

"Yep we know it’s taken too long but we moved our office, life got in the way etc. etc. but we’re back with a vengeance for 2015. Expect from us in the next 9 months – a full Aurasim Performance Calculator for ALL three 777 models, based on a real life one, our long awaited Majestic Q400 First Officer course and a little something for the Airbus boys too. Oh yes, this week a Boeing 777 pilot from a hot sandy airline in the Middle East paid us a visit, so it would be rude not to extract everything he knows about his aircraft out of him before he goes! He only popped in for a cup of tea….

Full details, pricing, schedules to follow in the next few weeks!" Well then.. Good news! Looks like they created their own sandy VA for the program too. Stay tuned!