JustFlight / CLS DC-10 Released!

FSX/P3D. Ahh I remember it like it was yesterday. The year? November 1993. The place? Chicago's O'hare. The aircraft? The Maddog DC-10-10. The Airline? American. The movie? The Fugitive staring Harrison Ford on a projection screen about a mile away. The food? Disgusting cold baked chicken and brown rice. Yes, back then, airlines actually served food on flights across the US and eating pure shit would have been a step up from that crap. Yes, flying in the 90's. And as a very eager 12 year old, the 3 holer DC-10 was my first wide body cherry popper and it was an experience i'll never forget. It was huge and fast and i'll never forget that day. Since then, I have been waiting to get a proper rendition in FS and even though this is clearly not it, i'll buy it anyway. Why? Because that damn inner 12 year old within me just wont let it go already. The CLS DC-10 is now available.