ADX Exclusive: Drzewiecki Warsaw!

FSX/P3D. There are 2 products I have been waiting the last 8 years to get my hands on. One is a certain regional jet that may or may not arrive this year and the other is Warsaw Okęcie International Airport from Drzewiecki Design. Now, back in 2007 a fatal system failure resulted in the end of the project that was likely 70% complete. Entire crops were lost. This was a sad day for me because I had been following the project so closely for so long. Drzewiecki then went on to develop many other projects and finally about 2 or so years ago, the team had finally decided to return to the airport now called Warsaw Chopin. The team has learned quite a bit since that old version of Warsaw and I must say, this project is by far the very best quality this team has ever put out. I am damned impressed. Now this joke might be in bad taste but with this level of quality, it's only a matter of time before the entire flight simulation community invades Warsaw! 

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