VirtualCol Otter DHC-3 X Released!

FSX/P3D. Leave it to Colombian development team VirtualCol to develop all the stuff I wish someone else was developing. That said, without them, we might never get any of these products or at the very least, wait forever to get them. Aircraft like the Dornier 328 series Eaglesoft promised us years ago but never delivered or the ATR 42/72 series that no one else is developing. (Anyone still using the Flight1?) How about the Cessna Crusader, Saab turboprops, and Q300? The latter is coming from Majestic but that might be a  while. 2 aircraft we desperately need done is the Beaver and Otter and there is no team in this world I would prefer to deliver those than the very team that developed the Aerosoft TwinOtter. But I digress, once again VirtualCol has answered the cry and delivered. The quality of VirtualCol products don't really seem to be going up in any way but it's better than nothing and can be very enjoyable. Grab your Otter today! Thanks to several readers for the tipoff on this one.