That's Right! You Got It!

FSX/P3D. 2015's most anticipated destination is inching it's way ever closer to release and I couldn't be more excited. We are in the middle of 2015 and as far as releases go, this year is kicking ass. I can only imagine what else it has in store for us. Now developer Taxi2Gate shocked the world when they released Seattle is a heavily intensive resource, memory, and VAS sucking area and they pulled it off incredibly well. I'm still shocked! Another performance VAS disaster is the bay area complete with FTX NCA. Now FlightBeam has pulled it off already with his first version of SFO but this all new version is in a class of it's own and packs heaps of additional upgrades and features. Now many of you know FB Denver is my all time fav, followed by FT SYD. But SFO, whoa baby. Nuff said. Release? If all continues to go well, we are down to weeks now. Not months. To hold you over, go check out the exclusives! And yes, these shots include FTX NCA. 

Cross California's Golden Gate >>