VirtualFly's Throttle Quadrant Almost Here!

FSX/P3D. If you were at FlightSimCon 2015 this year, then you know one of the hottest attractions was the VirtualFly Solo Panel powered by Jetline Systems. You have heard it from me and you have heard it from Froogle Pete: VirtualFly is developing outstanding high quality European made hardware. I Kidd you not, 3 people purchased the VirtualFly Yoko Yoke at FlightSimCon including the one we had on display! This stuff is just that good! 

I am extremely eager about VirtualFly's expansion plans in the US but more importantly,  the developers has just announced that they have finished its R&D process on their brand new throttle quadrant for single and twin engine operations. The main innovation in this product allows users to adjust the strength required for pushing and pulling the levers. I'll be back with an update on the price and how to purchase soon. For more information about VirtualFly, click the source link below.