CrazyCreatives Marble Canyon Airport Released!

FSX/P3D. Never heard of these guys before. Looks like we have a new scenery developer on our hands! CrazyCreatives Sim Design Group has just released Marble Canyon Airport (L41) which is a small privately owned public use airport located in Coconio County, Arizona, US. It has one 3715 by 35ft (1132 x 11m) asphalt runway. This scenery includes the general aviation airport and the small community of Marble Canyon which is situated directly next to the airport. It has been designed and textured to a high level of detail in order to let the virtual pilot enjoy and feel the beauty a real pilot sees when approaching this small airport. Also included is a model of the navajo bridge which crosses the colorado river to the left of the final approach path to the airport. The bridge and the associated navajo bridge visitor center can both clearly be seen when looking out of your left cockpit window while approaching runway 21. Now available for about $10 bucks.