ADX Exclusive: 29Palms Samos!

FSX/P3D. Sunday's totally suck. It's the day before Monday and usuanny there is not much to report because most the developers are chillin back with a cold beer. Lucky for you, you follow ADX which usually means we try to get something up for those of you needing a fix for your FS addictions. Summer is almost here and I am sure many of you are looking for some nice new digital summer vacations to fly out to! No worries! 29Palms has your back! Samos is the next Greek destination to massage our landing gear and so far, these early previews are looking absolutely fantastic! I gotta say, I really love 29Palms and they just continue to deliver some seriously kick ass projects that are increasingly hard to stay away from. So, grab another cold one, and enjoy the rest of your weekend! -ADX