Talofa! Orbx Samoa Released!

FSX/P3D. Tim & Ken have done it again! Welcome to the second Experience package created for Orbx by Tim Harris and Ken Hall after their first highly popular 'Papua New Guinea Experience' package released in 2014. This latest package covers all of American Samoa and Samoa (formally known as Western Samoa) to make up one huge area called the 'Samoan Experience', spread out over 17 islands in the deep south pacific and covering over 3000 square kilometers of scenery, at the heart of this are 7 exciting tropical airports ranging in size from huge International size runways to tiny remote airstrips, it's a must-have for all types of pilots looking for a exciting and memorable experience in the south pacific, experience the tropical feel of coconut palms, coral reefs and volcanoes, dense jungles and atolls all right at your finger tips.

Now available for $25.67!