Prepar3Dv2 Online. Interested? Vote!

P3Dv2 FSX Steam good as it is over FSX boxed can be a pain when you are trying to fly online and 3-year-old's are trying to kamikaze dive bomb your C172 with Boeing 747's. Alternatively, I hear from a lot that the main reason why many keep the boxed edition is because of the online features. For those flying in P3Dv2 or held off on getting into P3D because of a lack of the ability to do group flights, would you want this option? We are investigating the feasibility and are really looking to make this happen. Obviously such an undertaking is not cheap. Please leave your feedback and vote via the poll. 

Note: This poll does not apply to those who solely utilize Vatsim & IVAO for online flying. 

Update: It seems there is a lot of interest behind this. The venture will require some community support. I'll have more information on this shortly. 

Would You Like An Online Prepar3Dv2 Community Server?
Oh God Finally Yes!
Nah I'll Stick To FSX Boxed Multiplayer.
Nah I'll Stick To FSX: SE Multiplayer.
I Play X-Plane.
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