DTG Announces Orbx Friday Harbor!

FSX:SE Say what? ADX posting stuff about FSX: Steam? What the heck is going on around here? As previously posted, Orbx is developing a number of projects exclusive for the Steam Edition of FSX that will be later delivered in greater detail and feature packed for FSX Boxed and P3D. The Steam version has a huge following and from what I understand from a number of unnamed sources, DTG has sold close to a million copies of FSX on Steam. But this is unconfirmed of course. Nevertheless, it's very smart for Orbx to tap this obviously large group of newcomers to the hobby. Now for you hardcore Orbx FSX Boxed and P3D fans, this is not the Friday Harbor for you. Yours will come with a considerable amount of increased detail. But if you want to purchase this anyway and install it in FSX Boxed and P3D I guess you can but keep in mind this is really a product designed for FSX Steam. 

That said, these announcements do give us some insight into what's coming ahead from Orbx. Thanks to ADX reader Jiri for the tipoff. Oh and a quick shutout to Aimee Sanjari from Dovetail. I had the chance to chat with her pretty extensively at FlightSimCon 2015 and so far, I like what she has told me. More info about that in the weeks to come. 

EDIT: To clarify per JV: The Steam version will come with a unique-to-Steam control panel that lives outside the Orbx ecosphere. It will be fully featured including autogen buildings, peopleflow, volumetric grass and nine upgraded airstrips etc.  The control panel allows you to tune the airport features including swapping in/out Orbx PNW trees and our 'Coarse' ground bump map.

The full-fat version that comes 90 days later via full terrain.com will only add ObjectFlow, FTX Central integration, Orbxlibs compatibility and a triple installer plus P3D2-specific tuning.